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Sleeping with Awareness,
Discovering the Wisdom of the Witness

Yoga Nidra Course:

A Weekend Course
18 Yoga Alliance CEU's

Join me Friday-Sunday, October 20-22, 2023 at Ethos Yoga Studio in Holly, Michigan for this introspective and enlightening training.


Friday 10/20/23 4-8PM

4-5:30PM Yoga Nidra Practice (option to use recorded practice in advance for those needing to arrive at 5:30PM)

5:30-8PM Meet and Greet, Course Introduction and Overview, Lecture

Saturday 10/21/23 12:30-8PM

12:30-1:30PM Yoga Nidra Practice

1:30-5PM Lecture with small stretch and relief breaks

5-5:30PM Meal Break (please bring your dinner with you)

5:30-8PM Yoga Nidra Practice and Review

Sunday 5/7

12:30-2 Gentle Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra Practice

2-5PM Lecture with small stretch and relief breaks

5-5:30PM Meal Break (please bring your dinner with you)

5:30-8PM Yoga Nidra Practice and Review, Q&A, Closing Circle

See Course Description below for curriculum details.

Yoga Nidra Course
18 Hour CEU

Course includes:

  • 18 CEU's Yoga Alliance Approved for Yoga Teachers

  • Course Guide

  • Stephanie's Yoga Nidra CD Bathing in the Sunrise, New Beginnings

  • This course is open to the public for anyone simply interested in learning more about the science and practice of Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra is growing in popularity in the yoga community for very good reason.  The regular practice of Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep with awareness, offers many wonderful benefits, including complete release of all body tension and a deeper level of consciousness, allowing you to access the deepest levels of your mind and examine your long held beliefs and habits. Those who practice Yoga Nidra regularly report better sleep patterns, recovery from stress and anxiety, and a deeper, more meaningful yoga practice, as well as improved relationships with others. Yoga Nidra is also used for relief in cases of PTSD, grief support, and pain management.


Although this workshop is designed for certified yoga teachers wishing to learn how to lead and teach yoga nidra, it is open and valuable for anyone who would like to learn more and deepen their own personal practice.


Topics covered include:


  • What is Yoga Nidra and How Do We Practice It

  • Preparatory Practices

  • Benefits and Intentions

  • Important Things to Know When Leading Others in Yoga Nidra

  • Brain Wave Function and the Science of Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga Nidra vs. Hypnosis and Meditation

  • Yoga Nidra and the Pancha Kosha 

  • Sankalpa, Sanskaras, and Samadhi 

  • Significance in Trauma, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Disorder and Autoimmune Disorder

  • The Significance of Regular Practice in Changing the Workings of the Mind

  • Yoga Nidra as a Spiritual Practice

  • Teaching Yoga Nidra: Writing Scripts and Sequencing, Voice and Presence, Preparing the Space and Informing Students

Three students practicing Yoga Nidra during the Yoga Nidra course

What trainees have to say about this course...

"Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable in her teachings. Well organized and puts forth an excellent training!"

"I was satisfied with everything. Stephanie did a great job presenting the information she prepared, addressing and answering questions, and leading the practices. It felt complete and well paced."

"Having a Nidra practice both days - 1st day at the beginning and 2nd day at the end was effective in giving the experience before training and then after with more knowledge."

"The information and presentation was excellent."

"Stephanie knows how to control a crowd of people and keep everyone engaged."

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