30 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training


An in-depth exploration of Yin Yoga, this course with Stephanie Lynn, E-RYT 500, will provide you with 30 Yoga Alliance CEU's, a certificate of completion, and knowledge, skill and understanding of the following:


  • What is Yin Yoga

  • History and origins of yin yoga

  • Understanding the foundations of yin and yang and cultivating balance  in life and on the mat.

  • Differences and similarities between yin yoga and restorative yoga

  • Philosophy and purpose of yin yoga

  • The Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Energetic aspects of Yin Yoga

  • Anatomy and Physiology (skeletal, muscular, joints, fascia, blood and lymph flow)

  • Psychoneuroimmunology (PTSD, trauma informed yoga, autoimmune disorder, and other special circumstances)

  • Chakras and nadis (energy flow and balance)

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Crafting sequences that promote opening and relaxation as well as balanced energy flow.

  • Practice in teaching and setting up some of the most common yin poses

  • The importance of voice, music, and creating safe space and practice

  • Use of props, adjustments, and modifications

  • Special circumstances and contraindications

30 CEU’s with Yoga Alliance and Certificate of Achievement

This course is designed and intended for certified yoga teachers.

"Stephanie Lynn skillfully wove lectures, demonstrations, practice, philosophy, and discussion into this teacher training course, leading to both a rewarding learning environment for yoga teachers of all levels of experience and a variety of backgrounds, as well as a holistic understanding of Yin Yoga as a discipline within the overarching practice of yoga. She did a masterful job of managing the flow and pace of the class, creating a supportive and organized environment -- with a sense of humor! -- which greatly enhanced the learning experience."