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Stephanie Lynn gazing out into the sunset

Daily Sadhana Yoga:

Living Yoga by Creating a Daily Practice On and Off the Mat

Our Sadhana is our set of daily practices that align us with our intentions for optimal living, loving and giving.  We derive strength, energy and ease from our Sadhana, making the rest of our day and life easier and more fulfilling.  Through our sacred daily practice, we are able to live consciously and show up as our best selves.


In this workshop, we will:


  • Explore the deeper meaning of Sadhana, daily practice, and what it means for each of us.

  • Learn about the yogic concept of the Pancha Kosha, the 5 aspects of being human, and the best approaches to self-care.

  • Utilize Vairagya and Abhyasa, the yogic understanding of discernment, to reveal our current daily habits that are getting in our way and choose the habits and rituals which align with our truest intentions.  From this understanding, we will create a plan to gradually introduce healthier habits and rituals to our daily schedule to replace the ones that are not in alignment.

  • Discuss ideas on what it means to be a "yogi" both on and off the mat.

  • Create a plan for establishing sacred space, both in our home and in our life, for our own self-care, so that we may be more available to care for others.

  • Form connections with others, creating bonds of support and encouragement on our path.



  • Wear comfortable clothing.

  • Bring a notebook or journal for note taking.

  • Bring something comfortable on which to sit.

  • Bring an attitude of friendship and sharing.

Stephanie Lynn practicing Warrior Three pose
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