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Sunrise Vinyasa Flow

Monday-Wednesday-Friday Mornings


at Sleeping Bear Bay Club in Maple City, MI

8 week session



Choose one class per week.  $15 per class

($120 for 8 weeks)


Choose 2 classes per week.  $12 per class

($192 for 8 weeks)


Come to all 3 classes per week!  $8.33 per class

($200 for 8 weeks)


Drop-ins $20 per class, pre-registration is required.

Pre-register below, before classes fill! 

A strong and energizing early morning practice, this 75 minute class includes warm up, sun salutations, balancing postures and back-bends, pranayama and deep, meditative rest at the end of class.  A great way to stay warm, energized and uplifted as we head into the cold and dark days of winter.  Join me!
This is a challenging class that is made accessible to all levels of experience and ability. Come as you are, and watch your strength and vitality grow over the course of 8 weeks!
Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle


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