Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat
Spring and Fall Retreat
at Song of the Morning in Northern Michigan


     Please join me for a weekend of restoration, community and inspiration at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat Center, in the beautiful, pristine woods of Northern Michigan.

     Discover the beauty and strength of feminine power and grace. Enjoy at least four yoga classes, meditation, journaling, hiking and discussions on women’s physical and emotional health.
     Attend solo or invite your sisters, mothers, daughters, or friends, to this empowering and enriching retreat. 


To register call 989-983-4107 or visit www.goldenlotus.org

Fee: $108 plus lodging

~Reiki with Stephanie can be scheduled at the time of registration for an additional fee.

To register: www.songofthemorning.org

or call (989) 983-4107