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Balanced Living for Today's Yogi

Retreat at Song of the Morning

Next date TBD

Learn how to apply the ancient teachings of yoga to modern living. Love your asana practice and ready for more of the philosophy and application of living yoga? Join us for a weekend of asana mixed with discussions on the paths of Ashtanga, Jnana, Bhakti, and Karma Yoga. How do we choose a path for ourselves? What does it mean for those who live with us? How do we take yoga off the mat and create a sustainable lifestyle of living yoga? How do we take the teachings of this ancient practice into our modern lives, creating a life of balance, harmony, and peaceful presence through daily practice? That is our focus this weekend.


This workshop is perfect for people who have some experience with asana but want to learn more of the philosophy, science, and application of a yogic path. It's also excellent for teachers who want to deepen their practice and their offerings as teachers. Stephanie also welcomes those who wish to begin their own path into yoga or those who wish to better understand what yoga lifestyle is all about.

All levels of asana experience and ability are welcome!


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